Saddle Lake Equestrian Center offers a wide range of shows to choose from. There is something for every level of horse and rider. We start riders at local shows and raise them up to A & AA shows as well as AQHA shows. Currently, we are competing and winning at rated and local schooling hunter shows as well as AQHA shows. On average we attend 20-25 A-Rated shows, 10-15 AQHA shows, as well as 5-10 local shows per year in addition to championship invite only shows. For Saddle Lake’s yearly show schedule please contact us.


Showing Expenses
  • A Saddle Lake horse can be leased on a per day basis for shows, only if the horse is available, a $75 per day fee will be charged.
  • Show hauling is $0.80 a mile; minimum trip is $150.
  • Trainer rides at shows are billed as daily training at $35.
  • Show coaching/day fee is $50 per day/per show/ per person. The showing/day fee starts when the horse arrives and when the horse leaves the premises. Show coaching/day fee for self-hauled horses is $60 per day.
  • The hotel is billed between the clients.
  • Championship Invite Only shows like Congress, World Shows, and Pony Finals are billed differently. Contact us for more information.
  • Groom options available.


  • Show clipping – $45
  • Body Clipping – $150
  • Braiding – $60
  • Banding – $40
  • Mane pulling – $30
  • Bathing and finishing – $35