Junior Care Program

This program is designed to teach our Saddlelake riders to be strong horsemen. Teaching them the skills necessary to care for and understand their horses in the barn, not just in the arena.

This 14 week program will be led by a Saddlelake Staff member, every Sunday from 8:00am-10:30am for the morning session and 3:00pm -5:30pm for the evening session. Starting September 17th through December 17th,2023 at the KY stable.

Each Sunday the students will be involved in the feeding of the horses. Each week will be focused on a different topic or skill pertaining to horse care and handling.

Applicants must be:

  • Morning session: 13 years or younger Evening sessions: 13 years and older
  • Enrolled in lessons at Saddlelake  (previously signed lesson permission forms apply for the Junior Care Program)
  • Dressed appropriately; paddock or tall boots. Gloves recommended 

(We recommend each student brings a water bottle and apples/carrots for the horses)

Each Junior Care Program session is limited to 5 juniors and will be $200 per Junior per session.

Please contact Missy jo for more information

    Weekly Topics:

    Jan. 8: Hay + Grain : Portions, mixing grain, inspecting hay quality

    Jan. 15: Supplements : How to feed supplements and why

    Jan. 22: Blanket Management : proper blanket fitting and layering

    Jan. 29: Medication: How to administer different types of equine medicine and why

    Feb. 5: Tail Care: How to wash, brush, braid, and wrap

    Feb. 12: Mane Care: How to pull manes

    Feb. 19: Hoof Care: Hoof anatomy; applying oil and thrush buster; packing hooves

    Feb. 26: Leg Care: Leg anatomy; How to ice, wrap, and evaluate legs

    Mar. 5: Deworming: How to administer dewormer and why

    Mar. 12: Lunging: How to lunge safely

    Mar. 19: Lunging: gaining confidence while lunging

    Mar. 26: Mare Care: Pre-foaling checks; mare health 

    Apr. 2: Mare Care: Pre-foaling checks; preparing foaling stall

    Apr. 9: Foal Care: Post-foaling checks for mare and foal, umbilical care

    Apr. 16: Foal Care: Intro to foal handling

    Apr. 23: Lunging younger ponies: how to ensure young ponies have good lunging habits

    Apr. 30: Handling Weanlings: leading and grooming ponies between 6 months to 1 year old

    May. 7: Handling Yearlings: leading and grooming 1 year old ponies 

    May. 14: Handling 2 year olds: leading and grooming 2 year old ponies 

    May. 21: Turnout: When to start turnout in spring to manage the grass

    May.28: Turnout (+ Fun last day activity) : How to safely turnout ponies and catch from fields