SaddleLake Equestrian Center is proud to feed Hubbard Feeds Cool Command® Balancer 30. This outstanding product features 100% organic trace minerals, which are more easily absorbed and utilized in the equine gut, helping horses get more out of less feed, while simultaneously improving skin, hair and hoof condition. Fortified with vitamin E, vitamin C and selenium for total antioxidant support, Cool Command Balancer 30 is a flexible and very palatable base feeding option — one that we highly recommend!

Features & Benefits

TOTAL WELLNESS: This unique vitamin, amino acid and organic trace mineral blend offers optimal nutrition

GASTRIC SUPPORT: Prebiotics promote enhanced gut health

CONCENTRATED FORMULA: The calorie-dense design provides a cost-effective solution for providing the proper balance of critical nutrients

WITH BIOTIN: High-quality nutrition aids in improving skin, hair and hoof condition


We are proud to be sponsored by the outstanding saddle and tack maker CWD. Their equipment is exceptionally made from quality materials that aids in both our horse and riders’ continued success both in and out of the show arena.


CWD is a high range saddle maker dedicated to the rider’s sporting performances. At CWD, sport and performance are an obsession. An obsession which can be translated by a full control from A to Z of our chain of values, from the animal skin via the tannery, the making, the selling, the logistics, the after-sales service. This cross-disciplinary model is unique in the world. CWD is the brand of smart, innovative products, perfectly adapted to the demands of competition and featuring an ultra-responsive customer service.