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    Horses for Sale

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    Show Horses


    Farmore Royal Secret

    2002 Bay 13.1 3/4 H Welsh Mare

    Available For Sale or Lease




    Dee Lucky Joker

    2005 Bay AQHA Gelding

    Available for sale






    2007 Bay Trakehner Mare

    Available For Sale





    Kobra K

    2015 Bay Warmblood Gelding

    Available for Sale





    Check out our Foals Page for our up and coming prospects for sale!!!!







    Thumbkinda Fabulous

    2008 16.1h Bay AQHA Mare

    Leased to Amelia Brownstien of Columbus, OH







    The Flying Spurr

    2015 Chestnut Colt

    Congratulations to Shanna Bradshaw of Woodbure, PA




    DGS Indygoduplicity

    2012 Bay AQHA Mare

    SOLD to Alabama under the guidance of Sarah Eiland of Lyric Street Farm




    Wizard ISF

    2003 16.2H Bay Dutch Warmblood Gelding 





    Smoken Hott

    2008 14.1h Grulla Half-Arabian Mare in foal to *Telynau Royal Charter

    SOLD to Lori Cooley of Moninee Sport Horses in Plymouth, IN 

    Call Me Destiny

    Black Solid Paint Mare 

    SOLD to Franklin,TN



    J.C.s Joy

    1998 Bay Thoroughbred Mare 

    SOLD to Hartbrook Farm of New Market,TN


    Wallaby Way

    2000 Bay Pony Mare 

    SOLD to Massachusetts




    Farmore Royal Secrets

    2002 Bay Welsh Pony Mare

    LEASED to Brynn Kuhnell of Cincinnati,OH




    Shes Got The Details

    1999 16h Bay AQHA Mare

    Leased to Reese Hilton of Lowell, MI. Under the guidance of Suzanne Chubb of Lowell, MI






    2009 17.1h Bay AQHA Gelding

    SOLD to Bailey Armock of Sparta, MI. Under the guidance of Suzanne Chubb of Lowell, MI.





    Indygo Girl

    2012 Bay AQHA Mare

    SOLD to Miranda Rogers-Schaefer of Virginia


    Cover Girl

    2009 Bay Thoroughbred Mare

    Congratulations to Hannah Frede on her lease of Jordan

    Pipen Hot Irons

    2011 Chestnut AQHA Mare

    SOLD to Maddie Paul of Southgate, KY




    Smoove CD


    Chestnut AQHA Colt

    Jazz CD x JCs Joy (TB)

    Owned by Miranda Rogers-Schaefer






    The Ultimate Money

    Chestnut AQHA/APHA Gelding

    Sold to Zach Ferris of Ionia, MI

    Under the Guidance of Kelly Pendleton of Lowell, MI





    Thumbkinda Fabulous
    2008 Bay AQHA Mare
    Congratulations to Reese Chubb for her lease of Belle.
    Under the guidance of Suzzane Chubb of Lowell, MI


    Detailed Indeed

    2000 Black AQHA Gelding

    SOLD to Leigh Cooper of Tx under the Guidance Courtney Kozak of Montgomery TX






    2004 Red Roan Pony

    SOLD to Holly and Brady Johnson of Indiana





    The Aston Martin

    Chestnut AQHA Colt

    Sold to Melissa Shipp


    Under The Sea

    2008 Black & White Pony Mare

    SOLD to Morgan Shipp






    My Hot Detail

    2012 Bay KyBIF AQHA Stallion

    SOLD to Cindy Falk of Ft. Thomas, KY






    Just Blue My Money

    2010 Bay AQHA Mare






    Fruit Juicy Jazz

    2012 Sorrel Gelding







    1995 Bay Oldenburg Gelding

    Sold to Jeannine Palozzi of Concord OH





    Looks Like Me

    2007 Bay AQHA Mare

    SOLD to Caitlin Thoma





    Meadow Art

    2011 Bay AQHA Mare

    SOLD to Sydney Robbins of Maryville, TN






    True Hi Class

    Dun Mare

    SOLD to Brady Delaney







    Market Thunder

    2000 Bay TB Gelding






    Captive Royalty

    2005 Bay AQHA Gelding







    One Hot Flirt

    2010 Bay AQHA Mare

    SOLD to Anne Chalmers








    Starship Yorktown

    1999 Gray TB Mare

    SOLD to Amanda Weaver of Alexandria Ky






    Basking By The Edge

    Bay TB Gelding







    Zippin Move V Star

    2002 Bay AQHA Gelding

    Leased to Elizabeth Bohinski of Cincinnati, OH







    Heza Silver Cloud

    2000 Black AQHA Gelding

    SOLD to Savannah Phillipps





    Detailed Indeed

    2000 Black AQHA Gelding

    SOLD to Isabelle Castleberry






    2009 Bay Mare

    SOLD to Lauren McDevitt






    Naturally A Beauty

    2005 Bay AQHA Mare







    Southern Style

    2000 Bay Mare





    Sonnys Hot Diva

    2003 Sorrel Mare

    SOLD to Kyla Kuhnell





    I Like It On Top

    Chestnut Mare

    SOLD to Lori Bushong from Crawfordville IN




    A Mystery Machine

    2007 Bay Gelding







    Yes Its Gucci

    2011 Bay Gelding

    SOLD to Brooke Purvis of Cincinnati, OH






    SOLD to Taylor Douglas





    I Dig It Like Daddy

    SOLD to Michelle Wallace of Ohio




    Market Thunder

    2000 Bay Gelding

    SOLD to Isabelle Castleberry




    Gotta Lotta Luv

    2009 Bay Mare

    SOLD to Geri and Rick Coyle of Nancy, Ky





    Run Rate

    (pictured 2012 weanling)

    1998 Grey TB Mare

    SOLD to Geri and Rick Coyle of Nancy, Ky







    2011 Chestnut Mare

    SOLD to Geri and Rick Coyle of Nancy, Ky





    Sonnys Flashy Secret

    2010 Chesnut Gelding

    SOLD to Rachele Richarson form ADA Michigan 








    Bandini's Diamond

    2008 Brown Mare

    SOLD to the Rust Family of Butler, Ky







    Detailed Indeed

    2000 Superior Black Gelding

    SOLD to Savannah Phillipps of Ft. Thomas, Ky





    IE Sumthing

    Chestnut Gelding

    SOLD to Lisa Aiken, Winston Salem NC showing under the guidance of Sara Wilson





    Heza Blaze of Glory

    2008 KyBIF Sorrel Gelding

    SOLD to Maddie Paul of Bellevue, KY





    Radical Izzy

    SOLD to Austin Hancock





    Dont Zip Town

    Chestnut Mare





    An Inovated Lady

    Black Mare

    SOLD! Now under the guidance of Suzanne Chubb and shown by Reece Hilton





    Dynamite Amy

    Black Mare






    Red Hot And Sonny

    2010 Chestnut Gelding

    SOLD to Hanah Frede of Ft. Thomas, KY





    2009 KyBIF Chestnut Mare

    SOLD to Lydia Whitlow





    Azippin n Ajazzin  

    2009 KyBIF Chestnut Mare

    SOLD Allison Vande Ropple of Belmont, MI





    She Blue My Mind

    2009 Bay Mare

    Sold to Brittany Delev of Cincinnati, OH




    Audi Murphy

    Sold to Claire Mulhollem of Carlise Ky




    Tejons Doc Olena




    Sacred Love

    2003 Grey TB Mare



    C Ya Later Allocator

    2007 Sorrel Mare

    Sold to Sidney Smith of Pelham Ala, showing under the guidance of Sara Eiland of Lyric Street Farm




    Market Thunder

    2000 Bay Gelding

    Sold to Brook Purvis



    Especially Sonny

    2009 Bay Gelding

    Sold to Leslie Gilb



    Red Hot And Sonny

    2010 Sorrel Gelding

    Sold to Erin Rust of Butler, Ky




    Skippa Bonnet

    Sold to Gretchen Ross of Maryville, TN



    Captive Royalty

      Sold to Elizabeth Wuopio of Rockford, MI

    Showing under the guidance of Suzanne Hilton



    Shes Got the Details

    1999 Bay Mare

    Sold to Cindy Falk of Ft. Thomas, KY



    Its Sonny In Dallas

    2009 KyBIF Sorrel Gelding

    Congrats to Sarah Dixcy from Lowell, MI

    Showing under the guidance of Suzzane Hilton!



    Macs Good N Tough (left)

    2005 Bay Gelding

    Congratulations to Steve and Anne Simmons of Tenessee 




    Looks Like Me 

    Congratulations Hannah Eckhoff of West Chester, OH



    Heza Fancy Version

    Now under the guidance of John Carson of New Castle, IN.



    Eye For Potential

    Congratulations to Nova Quarter Horses Inc. and Lorri Ebeling of Chicago, IL 



    Truely Natural  

    Will be shown under the guidance of Suzanne Hilton of Michigan




    Jane's Dasher

    Sold to Troy Oakley of Texas



    Special Hailey

    Sold to Shirl Paynter of Winchester, KY



    Champagne Bubbles

    Sold to Michelle and Brian Henderson of Henderson Music




    Gingers Coriander

    Sold to Culver Academies Horsemanship Program.

    Look for Cory in the Presidential Inaugural Parade




    Shows Alotta Promise

    SOLD To Tim RIchmond of  Alexandria KY



    Thou Art




    Kings Mystic Fancy

    Congratualtions to Ann Foutch





    2012 Filly Sonnys Hot Jazz x Run Rate 

    SOLD to Miranda Rogers-Schaefer





    2012 Bay Colt out of True Attitiue by Sonnys Hot Jazz



    2012 Bay Filly out of Beautiful Mistress by Artful Move

    Congratualtions to Shannon Carr 



    2012 Colt Pure Potential by Artful Move

    Congratulations to Emily Smith



    MNZ Ima Cool Fantsay 

    Congratulations to Jake Henderson of California, KY



    Chevro La Te Da

    Sold to Hannah Shamblin of New Market TN




    Sold to Michelle Whitlow Trainer and Coach of University of TN Equestrian Team



    Details Come True 

    Congratuations Torrie Pond of Oakville PA and trainer Kristina Swank

    KDS Performance Horses of Derry PA



    Sonnys Got Moxie

    Congratulations to Karin and Sara Coyne of Cincinnati Ohio



    Gypsy Jude

    SOLD Congratulations to Carmen Brossart



    Ima Jazzy Detail 

    Congratulations to Helen Ashdown



    Details by Sonny

    Congratulations to Valerie & Leslie Gilb on their purchase of Details By Sonny.  



    Ledgendary Art

    Congratulations to Patty Tihansky of Maryland on her purchase of Legendary Art. 



    Zippos Cash Basket

    Congratulaitons to the Child's Family



    Dust Buster Blues




    Sonnys Hot Diva

    Congratuations to The Lonneman Family



    Take Me to The Moon




    Hi Class Jazz

    Congratulations to Angie Schwatz of Union KY